Baby Finn, Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

The first thing this mommy of 3 said to me when she found out she was expecting again was, I want to shoot outside.  So for months our number one goal was do the newborn shoot outside.  Wouldn’t you know that day it started to sprinkle as soon as they all arrived to the studio.  Luckily it was over in an instant and we were able to head out for our session.  Baby Finn was great and was quiet as a mouse for our whole shoot.  Brothers will be brothers and gave us a run for our money, but we nailed the brother shot that every mother loves.

Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer007 (1)Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer002 (1)Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer001 (1)Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer003 (1)Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer004 (1)Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer005 (1)Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer006 (1)

Hanging Out With Miss “A,” Hudson Valley Family Photographer…

I had such a fun evening with this family a couple months back.  Miss “A” is a friend of my son, so I knew she had a personality that matched her smile.  There was an abundance of laughs and giggles, making it ever to easy to photograph her and her family.

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Out of Office

The crew and I are packing up and heading out west for a family wedding  I will be out and will answer emails and calls once I return.  Be sure to follow my travels on INSTAGRAM


Loving the MacMillan Family, Hudson Valley Family Photographer….

Colleen and her kids joined me a couple months back for the Mother’s Day Mini Sessions.  Its always an honor to photography any family, however when another photographer hires you, that is an extra special complement.  And as you can see, our shoot was full of fun vintage cameras that mommy brought along with her.  Thank you again Colleen and family for such a wonderful time.  Your children are beyond amazing.

Hudson Valley Children Portrait Photographer006Hudson Valley Children Portrait Photographer001  Hudson Valley Children Portrait Photographer004  Hudson Valley Children Portrait Photographer002

Hudson Valley Children Photogarphe Hudson Valley Children Portrait PhotographerHudson Valley Children Portrait Photographer005Hudson Valley Children Portrait Photographer007Hudson Valley Children Portrait Photographer008

  1. Colleen: Thank you so much Melissa! We had a blast working with you and I love these images so much! The canvas is up and looks awesome! :) August 16, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Newborn Baby “E,” Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

I’m always delighted when former newborn clients come back to have me photograph their newest family addition.  Baby “E” was  beyond a dream and was content just sleeping the whole time, which makes the session ultra smooth.  When it came down to baby taking a break, it was big sisters turn.   I know mommy was a little nervous that sister wouldn’t warm up so quickly, however once I gave her something to climb on, she was cake.  And although it had rained earlier in the day, we were able to sneak the pram out for quick pictures.  Luckily the baby didn’t walk out as muddy as our feet.  Thank you again “S” family for spending this time with me and giving me the freedom to run with a vision.

Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer002 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer003 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer004 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer005 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer006 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer007 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer008 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer009

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