Baby in a Pram, Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

A look back at this sweet little girl who was in my studio this past fall for her newborn session.   She was super sweet and such a tiny little thing.  I couldn’t have asked for a better baby and I have to send a big thanks to mommy and daddy for traveling to see me. With all the Hudson Valley Newborn Photographers out there,   I’m always so grateful they took the time to travel to work with me.  Thank you again and I look forward to watching her grow!


Newborn Photographer001_Newborn Photographer004_Newborn Photographer003_Newborn Photographer005_Newborn Photographer006_

Madeline, Hudson Valley Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This session was such a wonderful change of pace for me.  Before I opened the studio, I use to travel to all my clients home to do a combination of baby posing and lifestyle newborn images.  As much as I loved both, over time the carting off all my stuff got to be too much for me.  After moving into the studio, I found myself only shooting posed sessions.

When baby Madeline was born, mommy wanted a lifestyle shoot in their home and I was so excited.  Mommy and daddy created the perfect space for baby Madeline and was the perfect backdrop for our shoot.  An added bonus for being a lifestyle newborn photographer, getting to play with the four legged children.  Olive is a huge part of their life and only made sense she was a huge part of this shoot.

Thank you again Mommy and Daddy for having me into your home.  It was an honor to capture Madeline and I hope to watch her grow in the future.

Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer009_Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer001_ Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer002_Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer003_Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer004_Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer005_Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer006_Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer007_Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer008_ Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer010_

Hudson Valley Family Photographer, Outdoor Family Portrait Photography

I’m so excited to finally have this family session up on the blog. To say this was one of my most favorite outdoor family portrait sessions of the year, is an understatement.  The kids rocked it, the parents rocked it, the location was one of my favorites and the lighting was perfect.  The last time we worked together, little man was just a newborn and we able to capture him in mom’s lovely gardens. Fast forward  two years and everyone is growing up and we caught the fall season at and ideal time.

I know many people question doing family portrait sessions and just focus on the kids, but the love in these images is every reason why you should do the same for your family.

Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography001_

Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography002_ Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography003_Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography004_ Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography005_ Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography006_Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography007_ Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography008_ Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography009_Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography010_ Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography011_ Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography012_ Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photography013_

The Owens Family, Hudson Valley Family Portrait Photographer

The Owens family is one of my favorites, and I’ve had the pleasure to watch the grown before my eyes.  Once again ,they joined me for my holiday family portrait mini sessions as they have in the previous years.  Anyone who has dealt with a handful of boys, knows that they can be a tad bit difficult,  I don’t photograph my crew for this reason.  However the Owens dude crew was on their best behavior and completely hammed it up for me this time around.   I’m sure they earned some major rewards from Mom and Dad.


Hudson Valley Family Photographer Holiday Mini Sessions001_ Hudson Valley Family Photographer Holiday Mini Sessions002_Hudson Valley Family Photographer Holiday Mini Sessions005_Hudson Valley Family Photographer Holiday Mini Sessions004_Hudson Valley Family Photographer Holiday Mini Sessions003_

Business of Photography 101, Taking Your Business To The Next Level

For many years now I have been asked to teach classes on my style or how to work a camera.   What see out there in this market, is an over abundance of styled workshops and very little geared towards the business side of this field.  Being in the business for 8 years now, I have learned a lot about what it costs to run a photography business and how price yourselves appropriately to actually turn a profit.

So to help those who wish to turn their love into a real business, Business of Photography is focused on deconstructing your current business plan, examining it, and rebuilding it to put you on the path to being in the black. If you do not have a business plan, we help you create one from the ground up.

This class will go over the cost of doing business, cost of goods, uncovering those pesky hidden cost, branding and more.  I want to help those who are serious about the business create the right fundamentals to making it successful. No more $50 for a session and a disk, you’re only kidding yourself if you think your making money.  Its time to value the craft and mostly yourself.

For more information, please feel free to email me at


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