Yup, I’m Still Here. Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

Yes, my poor blog has taken a hit the last 5 months but that’s because I’ve been a busy worker bee in the studio.  I’ve had the joy of photographing a whole bunch of babies, just like this sweet newborn right here.

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Farm to Studio, Hudson Valley Newborn Photography

Remember my family maternity on the farm?  Well, her he is.  He was born a little too far from my area for me to photograph him in the hospital, but I had the joy of snuggling with him in my studio.  Along with his sister, he was the perfect little peanut and couldn’t have asked for a better baby. I look forward to seeing him again later this year for his milestone mini session. Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 1 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 2 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 3 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 4 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 5 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 6
Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 8Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 7 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 9 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 10 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 11 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 12 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 13 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 14 Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer 15

Maternity Session on the Farm, Hudson Valley Photographer

I was so excited to finally meet up with this growing family last winter for their maternity session on the farm.  Big sister to be took some time to warm up to me but by the end, we were best friends.  She had this draw to her that even the cows on the field couldn’t get enough of her, they came running from the other fields just to watch her.  And Mommy to be, she is one of those beautiful woman who do pregnancy so well.

Stay tuned for baby brother’s newborn session and thank you to Brookside Farm in Garidner for once again letting me borrow your land.

Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 2Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 1 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 3 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 4 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 5 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 6 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 7 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 8 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 9 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 10 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 11 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 12 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 13 Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer 14

Behind the Scenes, A Newborn Session with Surprise Photography

Curious what goes on behind the scenes in the studio, or perhaps what a newborn session with Surprise Photography is like? Please check out our new  video that shows you just that.  You might recognize the baby as our winner of the New Year, New Baby giveaway.  Thank you to all those who sponsored the event and gave a wonderful gift basket to the first baby and her parents.  And a special thanks to Turnquist Photography who helped us out with this special project.

Out of the Studio…

I will be out of the studio and away from my computer from Saturday March 5th through Thursday March 1oth.  I’m heading off to WPPI in Las Vegas for a dose of photography  inspiration. I’m excited to be participating in both creative and business classes and visiting one of the best product conventions in the field. I’m always on the look for something fabulous and new for my clients.

If you email or call me, I will be sure to get back to you once I return.
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