Best of September-December 2012



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This has been a very difficult year for some of my dearest friends.  For the last 14 months my friend and neighbor Andrew has been battling non hodgkins lymphoma and on January 4th, 2013 we lost him to this terrible disease.  My heart is completely broken for my friend Linda and her boys.  We lost him too soon and life, however I am so grateful for the six years that he lived next door.

I want Andrew to know that we will take good care of his family.  She has a strong support system and so many people who love them and are willing to do whatever it takes to make everyday a little easier.

For those who wish to donate to the boys and their college fund, please check out this link:

I also invite you to take on a personal challenge this year, to donate blood or platelets. During Andrew’s battle, he received over 35 bags of blood product.  It is our mission to help others in need, by giving the gift of life.  Please consider joining the 50 Pint Challenge.



Farewell my friend…

  1. Nutmeg: Good thoughts are being sent to your family and to Linda and her kids. She is lucky to have a caring neighbor like you *hugs* January 13, 2013 at 1:13 pm

2012 Year In Review, Hudson Valley Photographer…


Each year I take a look back at all some of my favorite images from each session throughout the year. Take a seat, sit back and enjoy!  (Be sure to switch quality to highest available)



50 Pint Challenge…


Going off the norm, some of you are aware of my position on cancer, ummm it sucks!  That is the clean version for the web.  My  friend Andrew has been battling Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the past year and in that time has received around 35 bags of blood product.  In an effort to pay it forward, Andrew and his beautiful wife and my dearest of friends Linda, want to encourage those who can donate, to please find their local blood center to donate blood or platelets.

Together lets go for 50 pints, then another and another!  Please join their effort on their Facebook Page.


Hidden In The Woods, Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer….


When I pulled into the driveway of this house, there was a big fabulous basset hound waiting to greet me.  I almost just threw him in my car and called it a day, he was SOOOOOOOO cute.  Normally I am all over the babies, but I couldn’t get enough of the dogs.  Eventually the star of the show shined and rocked it.  Another sleepy baby who pretty much let me do as I wished, loved him!