Looking Back, Hudson Valley Child Photographer…


Peeking back to one of my favorite families from 2011.  My first session with them just over the top amazing, I was questioning how I was going to top it.  Lucky for me I had 5 camera ready kids and  an super stylish mom to help me bang out another rockin session.

  1. jessie: Stylish is right!! Great work April 27, 2012 at 2:34 pm

San Diego, Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer…


So I just got back from a trip to San Diego.  My mission, the Baby as Art workshop. I figure if I am going to study working with newborns, then I will work with the best in the biz.  Baby as Art has even photographed celebrities such as Pink and Ziggy Marley, pretty sweet huh.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I got to meet an amazing group of girls to as well.  Carrie and Brittany were just fantastic teachers and gave the ultimate workshop experience, and for that I thank them.  Here are a couple sneak peeks from this weekend.


  1. Angela: Awe I am in love with the wraps on the babies. You did a great job capturing these images. April 29, 2012 at 4:26 pm
  2. Angela: Absolutely stunning. I can not wait to learn from them. Great job. April 28, 2012 at 9:16 am
  3. Angela: Absolutely stunning. I can not wait to learn from the too. Great job. April 28, 2012 at 9:13 am

Best Of The Hudson Valley, Hudson Valley Child Photographer…

The “Best of” always features the most fabulous types of food, drink and shopping in the Vally.  However, the arts are very under represented on the ballot.

This year I am really pushing to get more artists recognized fortheir contribution to the Valley.   Although there is no official ballot option, there is a “Fill in your own category”  slot.

I would love for you to consider filling in that slot with:

Surprise Photography, Best Children’s Portrait Photographer

I would be HONORED to be the first in this catagory, and would have to celebrate with my clients in a big way!!!

Here is where I need you HELP!!!

What you need to do, is follow this LINK:  http://www.hvmag.com/Hudson-Valley-Magazine/Best-Of-Hudson-Valley-Ballot-2012/

And at the very end where you see “Fill in your category,”  fill in Surprise Photography, Best Children’s Portrait Photographer

Thank you and lets cross our fingers!!

Also, don’t forget Waddle N Swaddle in the Best Baby Boutique category!

Twilight, Hudson Valley Family Photographer…


This family was not only one of the easiest to shoot, but also one of the funnest.   Some of you foodies in the area might recognize Ed and his lovely wife.   Ed is the owner and chef at Lola’s Cafe and my favorite restaurant in the Hudson Valley, Crave.   Now I am hungry.    And  their kids, ummmm hello crazy beautiful family!

There was a lot of laughing, and a lot of goofing off during our shoot, most coming from the parents ;)   When we did their family picture standing amongst the trees, the kids mentioned they felt like they were in a scene of Twilight.  I am going to admit, I’ve never seen it.  So as long as their are not fangs and blood, I guess we are ok!


And Baby Makes 3, Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer…


When my friend Kara found out she was pregnant with baby 3, she not only told me via instant message, but she also booked me on the spot.  I was not only thrilled with the honor, but overwhelmed with happiness for her and her family.  I have known Kara for a long time and I know how much of a blessing this baby was.

I have a great past with her kids, one of my favorite sessions when I first started my business.   Both of them were fabulous little hams again for me, even thought the weather was a bit brisk.  With a late December session, we were glad to get away with a cool breeze versus 3 feet of snow.

The story only starts here, more to come….