I love to give myself a project.  My projects are a way for me to step outside of my box and to  have some good creative fun.  Earlier last year, I had someone send me an email and asked if I would ever consider doing a Pin Up Girl shoot.  Let me think, “HECK YA!”  I have eyeying Pin Up for sometime and jumped on the idea.  I got my team on board and off we went.

What I love about Pin Up, is that curves are SOOOOO welcome.   I know body image can be a sensitive issue, I constantly hear, “When I lose 20 lbs, I am so doing that.”   Pin Up embraces curves and helps us LOVE what we got. Marylyn Monroe was a Pin Up girl, and a size 10.

I of course, had a wonderful team behind me:  Bella Luci Salon provided hair and make-up, and Karma Lounge, my hidden gem, provided the location. The ladies provided their wardrobe, and did a killer job!

I look forward to doing this again soon!!