Surprise Photography is a custom, boutique photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, and child portraiture. We are a full-service studio,  located at 33 Arlington Ave, Suite 6 in Poughkeepsie.  Hours are available by appointment only.

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My name is Melissa Surprise, and I create forever memories. Being a professional photographer means I stop time, write wordless stories and paint with light.

When you think about your favorite photos, what makes them so compelling? For me, each belly photo of my three sons, the “Surprise Dude Crew,” is an intimate time capsule of my journey into motherhood. That depth of emotion that these photographs evoke in me is what inspires my work at Surprise Photography. I want you to have gorgeous images of yourself and your own loved ones that brighten your spirit and fill your soul for years to come.


Amelia is a stay at home mom to two great boys, Landon and Colton, and our resident baby cuddler. Through working at Waddle n Swaddle part time and her love of babies, that she began working for Melissa in 2013 as her studio assistant.